Southpaw Dance Company “Faust”

Still some availability for bookings in 2016!

In summer 2013 Robby Graham’s outdoor dance performance “Faust” was presented with great success by Bad Taste Company. Robby has now founded his own company, Southpaw Dance, and since 2014 “Faust” has been touring under the Southpaw Dance identity. Highlights of the summer 2014 tour include debuts in France, Switzerland and Italy as well as 7 other UK tour dates. In 2015 “Faust” toured 6 German towns as well as 4 UK dates with great success.

Event International produces Southpaw Dance’s programme of work outdoors and is carrying out tour management for “Faust”. For 2016, Southpaw Dance will bring out “Faust” again on tour. There are still dates available for touring – for enquiries, email [email protected]

In this re-imagining of Goethe’s “Faust”, drinking, gambling, and general debauchery make the Speakeasy a perfect place for a man to lose his soul, as we see when Faust is manipulated, to both comic and tragic effect, into a duel with the devil where his very soul hangs in the balance.

Told through the intense physical and narrative dance style that Robby Graham has become renowned for, “Faust” features a unique fusion of world-class breaking combined with Lindy Hop, Charleston, and swinging big band music of the roaring 20’s that taps into the spirit of gangsters, bootleggers, gamblers, flappers, and hep cats of the time.

Faust - Southpaw Dance Company from Southpaw Company on Vimeo.


What the critics have to say…

“Choreographer Robbie Graham takes the lead role Faust. His fluid movement is a joy to watch: it makes his dances of drunken debauchery as elegant as ballet. All on stage have an uncanny, gravity-defying poise, which allows them to balance on chairs ad juggle goblets of fire, uplifting their audience in a spectacle that is joyfully Mephistophelean”
(Eve Stebbing, Daily Telegraph)

“Glanzvoll war die Show…die…vereint Street Dance mit zeitgen√∂ssischem Tanz” (Siegener Rundschau)
“The show which united street dance and contemporary dance was dazzling” (Siegener Rundschau)

“…bringing the house down to the sound of jazz standards. The details of each movement – the tiny hand gestures in their flapper routine, the little shake of the head after a particularly vigorous bit of bboying – gave dramatic richness to a breath-taking display.”
(Sarah Crompton, Daily Telegraph)