The Lanterns of Terracotta Warriors Exhibition

The ‘Lanterns of Terracotta Army’ has been presented in Beijing, Shanghai and other major Chinese cities and was exhibited with great success as part of the Stockton International Festival (SIRF) to commemorate the festival twinning of Beijing Chaoyang Spring Carnival on the occasion of SIRF’s 25th anniversary. In October 2013 it was presented as part of Birmingham’s Illuminate Festival and in January 2014 it made its Scottish debut in Edinburgh to mark Chinese New Year!

The Lanterns of Terracotta Warriors exhibition was commissioned in 2008 for the Beijing Olympic Games. The lanterns are inspired by the famous ‘terracotta army’ discovered when the tomb of the 3rd Century BC Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang was found in Xi’an province in 1974. This army, housed in an underground vault of 12,000sq.m, comprised 8,000 warriors arranged in battle formation, ready to defend the emperor’s immortal soul.

The artist of the lantern exhibition chose to humanise the terracotta army, in keeping with the traditions of Chinese lantern design. These brightly coloured, greater than life size figures are accurate representations of the terracotta soldiers, but this ‘army’ includes women and children arranged in family groups.

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Sydney, Australia

13th – 22nd February 2015